Kitty City is a project of
Cabarrus CARES
30 Union Street South,
Concord NC 28025
(704) 795-5219

Kitty City is open
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 5:00pm until 8:00pm ; Saturday 10:00am until 5:00pm

Each kitten intake costs $50 upfront.

A $10 donation pays for a vaccine or a bag of food for a cat for a week.

A $50 donation pays to spay a cat.


Cabarrus CARES (Coalition of Animal Rescue Efforts and Services) is a 501(c)3 organization and your donations are tax deductible.
Kitty City operates upon donations,
please consider making a gift to Kitty City.

building front

Take a virtual tour of Kitty City
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current pets

New Cats and Kittens are added all of the time.
Be sure to check the 'Current Available Pets' that are Ready to be Adopted often to see who is New!

Does your corporation sponsor events?  Cabarrus CARES offers a variety of opportunities, from a week of Camp CARES to our fall barbeque and Kitty Cabaret.  Your donation helps us  help our community to improve the lives of pets and the people who love them.  Kitty City is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

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Love is a gift of Purina Kitten Chow and Litter!  With over 100 kittens to feed every day, we need your help.
We can also use paper towels and cleaning products (disinfectants & bleach) to help clean up after out kittens and puppies!

Meet The Fab Fur !
The Beatles

Kitty City is always honored when families choose us to make memorial donations, birthday honorings, and other gifts.  Recently a lady passed who loved cats and the Beatles - so we were pleased to name "John, Pauline, Georgina and Ringo" in memory of her passions, and the family asked that donations to Kitty City be made in lieu of flowers.

The Nicholas Stoner Kitten Fund


Kitten season is almost here and the Nicholas Stoner fund will help pay for the care of many of the kittens that come into Kitty City.
Please consider making a donation to this fund and save a kitten!

Kittens' Tales :

 Letters to Mom from Kitty City kittens

(click on photo to read)

Rescue can be overwhelming.  Each day our staff deals with hundreds of unwanted puppies and kittens and dogs and cats.  Unfortunately there is not space or resources for them all.  Please understand that we may not be able to accept your animals in need.

Do You Know?
Kitty City Welcomes Students!
We look forward to teaching High School and Middle School students about responsible pet ownership.

Check in on Abby, the beagle,
and her pups ....
                          a year later
a year after their rescue.

kitty city
                      adoption value
The Value of adopting at
Kitty City vs a "Free" pet.
(click on the dollar to see how you
save adopting at Kitty City.)


Read the story of Jacque, a kitten not expected to survive.




kitten santa hat
Christmas is a-coming, the guys are getting fat,
The folks are gaining too, but lte's don't talk about that.
We've decked our halls will holly, we decorated cats,
Though the cats were not so jolly in their little elfie hats.
We've howled our Christmas carols,
We've played the Christmas songs,
We scattered the Christmas candy on the floor where it belongs.
We're waiting now on friends, the ones who come each year

And bring us little presents and those envelopes of cheer.
 The decades that we've been here has been a blessed time,
But we do depend on you to keep us healthy and sublime!
So please, when you are writing those end of year tax gifts,
Think how it keeps us going and gives our spirits lifts.

If you haven't got a penny, then a half-a -penny will do.
 Do you really think we're slimmer? Well, God Bless, YOU!

christmas puppy

Once again, Kitty City/Cabarrus CARES has been chosen to be awarded the Patterson Family Fund Grant administered by the Foundation for the Carolinas.
We are grateful for their recognition of our work and the monitary assistance provided in further our goals. Thank you!

Do you wish to help Kitty City but find you are short of funds to donate?
You can give the gift of Time! Volunteer!

Kitty City needs volunteers! A few hours a week, or a month, can make a difference!
Your time is a valuable donation!!
Give today!


Kitty City/Cabarrus CARES is more than a kitty adoption center, it is also animal education and community resource center.
Part of our education programs involve teaching our kids to teach others.  Learn how a special student named Maddie Seabold played a part in a school reading program.

gypsy &
(click on the photo for the story)


It is ALWAYS Kitten Season and Kitty City has scores of kittens. All needing food, litter, spay/neutering, shots and loving homes. There are always more kittens in need than Kitty City has room and resources to help.


Kitty City is dedicated to the proposition that effective spay/neuter programs are the only way to control overpopulation of companion animals – we can never just adopt our way out of the dilemma. We constantly preach it to our students and encourage them to create programs within our community to help with the surgeries

Kitty City also recently hosted students from J.N. Robinson High School’s Living and Learning program as they enjoyed a visit to downtown Concord sites.

Robinson Students


kittenWe’re Not Just Another Pretty Face …
(although we do adopt a lot of cute critters into loving new homes) – But Kitty City is also an education center and a community resource center.

We teach pet safety and responsibility to thousands of children in schools in five counties. We mentor Eagle Scouts and high school graduation projects. We show kindergarteners how to survive an attack and we teach teenagers compassion and respect for life .

kittenWe also partner with Meals on Wheels, Concord Parks and Recreation, area veterinarians and many other rescue organizations to improve life for pets and the people who love them through innovative spay/neuter campaigns and health care programs. 

Our Mission:
To promote COOPERATION, COMMUNICATION and EDUCATION among animal advocates and companion pet owners.


Kitty City thanks all the kind souls that make donations of time and money through out the year. Kitty City could not operate without your gifts!
Thank you!!


singing dogs